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between the outer and inner walls is host left free of sawdust, as, if
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and sharp, quick, inefficient pains in the second stage.
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(h) Bile-Albumin Plates. — White of egg was beaten up with 25 per cent.
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apparent. On the right arm near the elbow an edema-
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etc. The teeth require attention, and if there is any pyorrhoea,
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post-mortem position, and capacity and the signs of dilatation presented
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cubic foot of air each minute. The combustion of every pound of
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years or more a member, and has thus avoided the ri.«k of a
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tracheobronchial and hilus glands are the commonest seat of
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Paresis of the lar}-nx was well marked in four dry cases.
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protection which is surely and absolutely effective against a
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several times seen in cases of suppurative disease of the internal
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costal cartilages, which, however, may be absent. On auscultation in
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considerable prominence in a disproportionately long section,
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contraction extended from the orifice backwards for about an inch
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for successful extirpation ; because the doctor who first
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sleep within the walls of the establishment, ] Medical Reform. — It would be a happy
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a fortnight from the date of the appearance of the eruption.
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important. The wood-cuts are abundant, and in quality perhaps adequate to
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sixty-seven. Dr. Hoyt was bom at Painted Post, near
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Diversification Nuveen diversifies the bonds in each portfolio
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and protecting influence of vaccination. He found that a certain
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the true physician or healer, as imagination consti-
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and has been followed by considerable reduction in the mortality.
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(which we deem a singular one) that the work has received a
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reappearance of the disease carefully watched. In three days the entire surface pre-
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tory morbid product, but may be extended to genesis of a neoplasm (tubercle or
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There was at no time any elevation of temperature above that of
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period of incubation. For example, splenic fever and death may
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attachment of the suspensory ligament, marking the separation
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attendants of influenza. Meningitis occurred as a mani-
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the last edition of Tilbury Fox's work has come to hand, in which it is
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other came near dying. A canary bird, in the same room, also sickened
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Thus it would appear that a certain amount of organisation of the right
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the d<jath-rate was 18.65 per 1,000. But reports of 3,000
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law. A gigantic wood and iron doll, of feminine out-
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was removed ; ether was used before closure of the wound and absolute
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milder forms of ichthyosis is the extreme vulnerability of the skin, which,
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tine. This is thought to effect its purpose not alone
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Dilatation of the pupil (mydriasis) occurs in complete loss of conscious-
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British Medical Journal, October 9, 1886, are as fol-
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is made double by recurving the wire back to the stem, so that the arm
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Where large numbers of children are brought into immediate contact,
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power of the uterus and increasing the danger to mother or child, it is