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two months later in dilutions of one to five hundred blood
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icule and hope they will in future be more liberal in praise
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After January 1 1902 applicants for license to practice medi
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Sec. 16. That this ordinance shall take effect from and after its
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Iowa eight out of twenty two steers suffered. In all cases re
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because the anthrax baciUus does not weaken with age but
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for the clumping of motile bacteria. The apparent contra
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principle that before the evacuation of the contents of the
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as an assistant professor and tutor. Bologna at this time
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snapping thud followed by complete relaxation of the rigid leg
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German surgeon interested himself in this matter particu
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constitution as an additional section and article. The sec
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receptivity of the cells of the organism to the bacterial
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and kindred anatomical and physiological facts and it
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strated that the gas existing in the air chamber of an egg
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noted the latter to be no more actively restraining than the
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amongst intelligent people as to its general beneficence
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just beginning. Once more he devoted himself to the care
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lege a chair which he held until succeeded in the early forties
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Solons would claim that the narrow orthodoxy that Tapped
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within the arteries. He felt too that blood pressure could
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have been recognized their causes elucidated and preventive
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years and has never seen heard of nor had it even suggested
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before he gave up the practice of medicine entirely led to the
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the University for additional buildings passed both houses
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cago the latter having kindly offered to take charge. It is hoped
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been surpassed in judgment or in affection. They had a
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tinct and independent profession we owe our existence to the
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virulent bacteria. Violent inspirations may dislodge small
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to think that life as manifested to us must be a function of
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cause for such extensive complaints is to be found in the
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other obstetrical and gynecological procedures. Sterility from pelvic inflamatory
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Williams Charles Washington university of Nashville 1873 AUsborough.
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age of granular cells found is practically the same as that in
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familiar chemical phenomenon. Kayser as a matter of fact
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his first real introduction to scientific investigation.
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the crystalline components of the serum or at least may
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Austrian authorities in the little town who insisted that no
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same faintly stained rod as if division had occurred. The
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In spite of this lack of an important element of knowledge
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unspoiled by success and unembittered by opposition and
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name was ordered struck from the roll and his biography
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in some laboratories however we are of the opinion that the
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tions that is reproduce by alternate generations. He studied
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sulphide was present in moderate amount and though albu
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Examination except those who are actually undergoing Examination.
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out the number of observations that it seemed necessary to
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Prostatic concrements frequently occur in old dogs.
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as one of the masters of clinical medicine. He maintained
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practical experience in its use save some observations in the
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day the post mortem revealed eleven perforating wounds of