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or fifth day. Mr. Berry points out that, owing to their rigidity, tiie gum-
Acute Phase — The acute phase is the period imme-
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First suffered from supraorbital neuralgia while in the army, twenty years
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Price records a case with very diffuse fibroid change resembling the
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112. Otto Beselin. UeberRefraction und Grundlinie der Augen, etc.. Arch. f. Augenh.
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cannot make a diagnosis as readily as he professes to do.
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brought away a considerable quantity of debris. This
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fourth to three-fourths of an inch after rubbing. This refers only to the
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caemia and exhaustion, each in 2, and pulmonary embolism and tetanus,
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that mess ever since it was precipitated on them, I
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posterolaterally. The mass is in close proximity to the
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vations were undertaken. Soon after beginning my experiments with
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pregnancies. She was last confined in 1881, and since that time to July, 1883,
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fessor Fergusson, " On the Progress of Surgery during the
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In the chapter on malformations of the rectum and anus these are well
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part of it, whether it possessed nerves or not : in
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I and mine have blessedly required the ministrations
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phosphatase, a clinical picture consistent with a diagnosis of