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and it is evident that the treatment of this terrible complication must still

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Entered at the Post Office at New York and admitted for trans-

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considering the therapeutic effects of killed strepto-

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the normal life of the individual or species or their ancestoi-s, including

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does not rule out by any means these two conditions.

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A-B, outer margiu of orbit C, foreign body. The plate was placed against the left temple ;

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value almost pathognomonic when accompanied by pouting or fistulization

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the duty of providing ])roper quarters for the ailing

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costal pleura and produced a traumatic pneumothorax ; the wound was,

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employing the vaccine treatment quite persistently,

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Arrangements were at once made so that physicians could obtain

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The conception of adaptation in a pathological process is not wholly

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of treatment may largely depend upon this means of economizing nerve-


usually due to the relief of constipation. Women ought not to ride during

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ates much earlier and permits new follicles to rup-

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Both bones united nicely. On March 1, 1894, he was sitting in his

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accurately shown by Quincke.'^ In the present case the milky appear-

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This last point must be emphasized, as patients are

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ing Co., or by registered mail, as the publishers are not responsible

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reliable therapeutic agents is ^i\\ sub judice. That it may do good is pos-

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Bladder Symptoms. In only three cases have symptoms referable

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are those in whom the nasal mucous membrane is quite as abnormal, but

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vessels, or lungs, six cases, all of them gave a posi-

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observer also records his finding in the pedicle of an otherwise benignant