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extremity including the scapula. Pp. 35. By James Syme,
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was bilateral, and the swelling at the base of the forehead was on the
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her half-an-ounce of castor-oil at once, and saline mixture every four
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duals. So far, it may be said, the hemispheres in this patient were
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Their weight may even exceed 65 lbs. The mesenteric glands are more
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ness and peculiar arrangement of its vascular suppl)-, the hver is the
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cases treated during the meeting. Dr. Shepherd, Surgeon Victoria
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The food should be fluid, consisting of mashes, gruel, hay tea, or
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ruary, 1898. During the previous four months the right testicle had
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somewhat fatty; there was very little change in colour, excepting one
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a narrow layer of the pituitary membrane, were swollen, thickened,
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origin, and dates from the year 1852, when it was first made use of by
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level with the superior border of the muscle, and about two inches
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quittor, showed four days after operation very marked swelling of the
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— steadily diminished. On the i8th the intra-abdominal swelling was
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Dr. Ramskill. There was a large effusion on one side. He was
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uded for use in such cases, I procured and used a single bottle, with entiro
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ment. The inner surface of the fore-limbs showed an eczematous
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quantity of fluid may lie in the chest without injuring the lung; for it
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and Basedow's disease a morbid condition, the exact nature of which
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a fragment of bone (from the upper half of a sheep's tibia). In front of
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injections were repeated on the three following days. The extremity
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degeneration ; at several points these degenerated cells were sur-
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vital force ; and two by the unusual way of suicide or accident. Of
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more numerous, the itching increases, and the papules are converted
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nearly fill the entire strait. We dared not have the tumor extirpated by operation,
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foreign substance into the vulva for the purpose alleged, and that arte-
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acted he was unconscious of it. The pulse was rapid ( 120-130) and
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In spite of the existence of these fungating growths the animal's
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tower, is so connected with the cooking-stove on the ground-floor as to
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it was, however, unable to place the near Jiind foot to the ground. It
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improves the condition of emaciated animals. It may, perhaps, prove
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other, and at last was several inches shorter than its fellow.
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tional defence by using the pick .and thesliovel. Will you tell me, then,
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third, where the parenchyma was becoming or had in places become
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heart ; and, in nearly every one of these, that inflammation pronounced
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depend upon the most rapid and safe method of destroying or elimi-
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had been overcome by the patience and docility of those whom it was
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I fear, little confidence can be placed. The registrars are not to blame.