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Some cases otherwise regarded as neiu'asthenia with complaint of pain in the

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'.'iuninu- of the s|ihyt;mic i)criod of veutricul.ii' systole- i.e., to the ojk'u-

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the disease must always be deuteropathic, even if we are absolutely unable

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as usually seen in hypertrophy, and when the suburethral portion of the

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Tli.-.t there are really dilVerent kinds of true seeretorv fihers i. lu.wevr

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bined with the wearing of a tight collar, favors the development of goitres.

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the mitral murmur disappears or grows fainter, if the aortic closure takes on

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information, although it is strongly suggested for many reasons that they are

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In some cases there b difficulty in determining the exact onset, as the

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an apparatus tin- rhii'f errors I'lii'ipunti'ieil li\ Ihr use uf tlie nldrr in

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usually in layers in which one or the other salt predominates sufficiently to

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gulated hernia, lead poisoning, Dietl's crisis, pylorospasm, locomotor ataxia

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Honoratus Leigh Thomas, Esq. F.R.S. Leicester Place.

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Altliiiii'_'li ill :ill III' till' jiliiiM' I'l'iitni'rs III' rn/\ nil' iii-linii llirrr is nnthin'j

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shaken in a tlask with alv.-olar air from the man frcuu whom it Mas

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tinged, and then progressively darker, while in renal haematuria the urine,

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and the ureteral catheter, if the urinary findings seem to warrant it. Urinary

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diminished, and also to the fact that the blood is thinned because of the con-

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i-hMi'jjt's arc nciit lali/cd, |)i'cci|iitaliiiii usually occurs. Wlicu it docs so,

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t;ict that patients with heart disease become dyspneie'mcne readily than

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"' •■""■^""•'i- - I< liiis I n cunsi.i.MaM.v ,!iiMiiiisli,.,| in 11,,. ,-lini.- \n

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progress as it affected the different classes of so-

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feelings of the patient, was, under similar circum-

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iicli'ristics lire iiscil to distiiiu'iiisli Ix'lwccii siispcnsnids iirid ciimlsiiids:

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arrest of physical (dwarfism, "nanism") and mental (idiocy) development;

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arterioles of the skin. It may disappear gradually or it may be followed

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lolo'-'y availali!.' ;., ili,. nn'.ii.-al stn.lrnt, tliorc is iion.' in \(|iicli jiartic

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