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chiefly such as has been successful in the hands of the author,

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In few divisions of pathology have our points of view and knowledge been

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Innumerable have been the apparatus proposed ; many

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173. Atrophy of the hand and forearm in spinal progressive muscular atrophy . 376

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and for over thirty years she was the only physician on

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his character and the depths of his affection. Dr. Burwell, while at

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direct their movements with precision. A sensation as if a gal-

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the articular disturbance is noticeable chiefly for the pain which it causes the

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Agnew, the grandfather of Cornelius Rea, married a sister of Rev.

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balanced by the frequency of their turning over ; this

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insensibility ? The absence of other contusions, and the insig-

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interne at the Columbia Hospital for Women, Washington. While

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courage and self-effacement of that distinguished physician, the

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to be thwarted in having hospital experience, she went to

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Medical Society, and the New York State Medical Society. He be-

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not be looked upon as rags, but rather as a trophy ; more-

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this, and the question is yet pertinent, Since how many years

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the compounds in more general use. It is given in doses of 10 to 15 minims

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during his early years, and later entered Harvard College, from

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perforation, of which the type with two lateral splinters,

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Splinters adherent to the periosteum are from 6 to 8 centi-

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no expectoration; physical condition of lung rapidly improving;

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prominent characteristic of the vomiting was, that the least noise,

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pulse is increased in frequency ; the respirations are more or less rapid and

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rotation of the foot and bad coaptation of the fragments

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Intestinal Obstruction. — The " Revue Bibliographique," in

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frequency of its appearance, as already intimated. In Leipsic, where articular

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pernicious anaemia a loud diastolic murmur of anaemic origin. The murmurs

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Firstly, the cause of failure of healthy function may be seated

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of the disease. It deprives people of their ordinary judgment,

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the hands (see Fig. 104). The metacarpophalangeal joints are thickened

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In PERFORATIONS, both soft lead bullets and hardened lead

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Nearly always the diagnosis of nervous lesions will not

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His thesis, curtly stated, is, that when a male child is desired,