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greatly benefited, and Mr. Skey was induced by their result to direct its general

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Increase of Cancerous Growths Attributable to an Increased

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Tissandier, description by, of high altitude ascent 140

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the Wisconsin State Medical Society of 1855. I think there are

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notice the dilatation of the left pupil, indicative of irritation on the

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however, very small in comparison with the three prominent groups or

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Hiccough, when it occurs, usually comes on in the late stages of peri-

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Chloral Hydrate. — Eruptions produced by this drug are rare but

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the study of 638 epidemics which occurred from 1870 to 1899, found

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As a writer he was voluminous, one edition of his works

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found in the literature of the decades of Heidenhain

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ican hospitals, on therapeutic currents, on the caring for

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that only one-thousandth of this amount is present in the dilution

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the heart persisted from that time to the present (September

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of Vesalian treasures. The views of the superficial layers of muscles

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proper position in the social scale, besides adding to his income,

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and dyspnoea, is seen in well-marked cases. In cases which

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transmission from sick to healthy animals by cohabitation.

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most varied hypotheses have been started about the occurrence of these

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After the flap was again returned the anal orifice was

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Samples and exhaustive literature bearing upon the preparation

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the an£esthetic on account of hemmorhage. The child was then

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can be heard upon auscultation; this is not, however, absolutely diag-

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The Chair announced that the following named gentlemen were duly accepted to

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confined to bed for some days, and several required

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The liquid, which is employed in different morbid states, consists

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may deepen quickly into coma, perhaps temporary, though more often it

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obstinately, yielded to it reluctantly, and has now fatuitously prohibited it.

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generally due to some important complication. Complications which are

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