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the surgeon early so he can be prepared for emergencies

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lacrimation, and drooping of the upper lids (Figs. 3, 11, 12, 17, and 19).

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names and qualifications. This would aid the public

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with a tremendous noise. It was like the eruption of a volcano. At

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line and sufficiently infiltrate their matrix, they may occlude a tubule or

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Years' Duration, causing Sympathetic Ophthalmia of its

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green by the oxide of iron ; blue, by cobalt; ruby, by the red oxide of

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with a few drops of essence of vanilla. The presence of slight

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an authority, I am not sure that the practice indicated

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In the simx)le cases or where the afit'ection is very recent, the swelling

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suction pump, the bougie was removed, and its exterior washed into a

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alcohol consumption, and became nervous and irritable for several days, but

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By some it is maintained that " the name of each disease or

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or more, and when the body is inclined to the left, the heart

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siderable time. If the body is in the upper part of the larynx, it may

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cavity of the peritoneum. The liver was greatly enlarged, weighing,

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papers presented and the full and able discussions that followed, were

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Hospital, I found it the hardest thing imaginable to get the students to

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that the vaginal canal was narrowed by a large anterior

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ham, who in an interesting communication to the current number of the Birming-

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tions of both lobes, leaving a bit of the uppi-r or

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failure, with or without associated renal insufficiency, excessive hypotension has been observed and may be

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bronchitis; why they fall a prey so readily to diagnosis and I pass on to treatment. In

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who once adorned British medicine. Dr. Sutton : " Doctors who

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think he is gaining when the reverse holds true. When he finally

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ward, U.S.A., the sickness and mortality of the United States forces have,

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in women, for example, they sliould be given at the menstrual

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women with ovarian tumors have resorted, whether they lived

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that is the way that the idea of their incompatibility

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terminated in the usual way, namely, by rupture of the

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Wieii, 1894, viii, 1145-1147. — <Jol«l»«-h«'i«lei-. Zur Ge-

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however, that at the time of visit neither my colleague nor

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sac. An instance of the cure of an innonunate aneurism from

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not with reference merely to spasmodic respiration never resumed its natural fre-

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the knees. He complained only of stiffness in the knee-joints.

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Lowndes, 0. H. T., Assistant Surgeon. Ordered to Naval