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viduals thus affected succumb during the first days of life, the ques-

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that had stood forty-eight hours than with plasma a few hours old.

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often so loud as to drown the sound of the closure of the mitral

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TABLE 17. — Relative Incidence of Pellagra in Respect to Race, Sex and

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me that in 1907 they sold more pure lard than compound, while now

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valves had disappeared, the remaining one being normal. In other

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for instance, to react to digitalis — will furnish a favorable prognosis,

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larly one would expect the visceral lymphatics, through their com-

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sigmoid valves these may become swollen and the sound of their ten-

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vegetables, cream cheese, two rolls with butter, one glass of tea with cream.

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made of the size of each pupil. In aneurysm of the thoracic aorta

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the best material hitherto employed — but that the method is one that

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tumor being evident in the third intercostal space near the sternum.

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and sulphur being at a balance. The kidneys functionated but slightly

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trated cases with a positive serum reaction and positive spinal fluid

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obtain what might be properly regarded as an average variation we

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this symptom there may be oppression and sense of constriction of

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consideration of the epidemiology of pellagra suggests that colored

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may form in a vein independently of inflammation of its walls and

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imperfectly, it may be, but written upon the memory of a skilled

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and afford the best proof that there is, indeed, a hereditary factor in

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by long electrization of the peripheric vagi. Strophanthus, digitalis,

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could not detect any ineffectiveness of the hemophilic tissue to accel-

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ascending frontal and parietal lobes. While there was no paralysis

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second column of each series of three columns gives the percentage concen-

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Pellagra is much commoner among the poor than among the well-to-do.

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70° F., developed acute myxcedema. The rhesus monkey remained

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progress in the clinical studies of jaundice. The older methods of

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Kocher, 16 '" who is a strong advocate of the operative treatment of

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most frequently develops and which may be considered as predispos-

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puscles 970,000 ; on April 14, hemoglobin 35 per cent., red blood corpuscles

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cal signs of these affections we may infer, when the symptoms I have

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Dissociated Jaundice. C. F. Hoover, M.D., and M. A. Blankenhorn,

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average daily output was 6.451 gm. The average content of single

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the blood, and in certain diseases associated with embolus formation.

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Bertillon's order of mortality also requires explanation. Instead of

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disappear by complete rest. When, at the age of twenty, she first