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parts of the skin ; in a few cases acrocyanosis has preceded the local gan-

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' A Clinical History of Acute Rheumatism, A Clinical History of Nodosity of the

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the symptoms already enumerated we discover a most remarkable and, so

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In the first stage the skin and subcutaneous tissue may appear normal,

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corresponding increase in the general symptoms and hastens the end. A

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domen. They are hard, do not break down, often appear as separate masses,

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of the terminal distribution of the nerves in the muscles and the muscle

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I" "it at which the lir; Iiini.' occurs and then down the vascular IiraiH-l.

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prising. Krawkow^ saw amyloid in rabbits eleven days after inoculation.

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pyelonephritis, Kiister gives the following figures: In 100 nephrotomies,

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with the i>roduction an.l liberation of certain of the cimstituents of its

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mentation atrophy, small-celled infiltration, vascular changes, and fibrosis

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recurrent vomiting, fetor ex ore, insomnia, dyspnoea, epistaxis, polyuria,

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of the patient, by lowering the resistance of the kidney, by trauma, or by

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sii|)i)Iyin(r information rotranlinir the rcspii'atory activities of the various

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regular association between the clinical picture and the pathological condi-

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occur when epinephrine is added to the in.jeetion flnid--a result whieli

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at least if such a process starts in before the amyloid change has become far

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iiT liiitli kiinls of lilici- csisls in niosl of ttii'se nerves.

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These changes in the retina, often collectively referred to as albuminuric

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the most Muirked of these is prohahly the tniijtirnlurr of llir rooiu. Th

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forms of osteomyelitis, and a number of the varieties of non-suppurative

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Hjnpertrophic Pulmonary Osteo-arthropathy— Synonyms.— Hyper-

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find it more marked on one side. Until the disease is well advanced, the

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l;iter. espei'ialiy when tlo- w.ok is sircinuius. lactic acid wmild dceum

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ences. A distinctly neurotic history, however, is present in only a relatively

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are seen, sometimes 103° or 104°, but this is rarely for longer than a few days.

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in chronic interstitial nephritis, renal angioma, floating kidney, hydrone-

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his previous attendance as pupil at that institution.

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the bladder and tne genitals are followed occasionally by paranephritis.

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fact that after removal of these foci of infection fairly extensive tuberculosis

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that for a long time all conditions producing multiple lesions of the skeleton