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all reasonable chance for cure has been lost. It can-
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She was of Eussian- Jewish parentage. There had been 11 children,
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rule governing the quarantine of animals. A similar agreement
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Where the Secretary of Agriculture ma^ deem necessary or expedient, under rules and
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but it is difficult to determine whether or not the
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enemas which were retained. She vomited whenever any fluid was given
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68. ♦Monnier: " Fall von kongenitalen Verschluss des Oesophagus
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believed to be specific. It was discovered shortly,
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flexion in..vmH.t. NcverthoU'ttn. th.« inoro clonely alli.d the rcccptorH
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consisting of 1 part of plasma and 1 part of an isotonic solution of
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disclose that what appears to be onlv a cold may instead
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i>r the Miiuiitaiy, the main ]ioints of dilTerenee Iieiii!; dependent upon the
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Medical Association here assembled in its 90th Annual Ses-
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is known. Several factors may op.'iat.': 1 ' th.' partial starvation ..f th.'
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tion, and a written permit for the movement is issued by an inspector of the Bureau of
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have no facilities for tanking shall be treated as provided in Regulation 18, paragraph
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hereby amended in the following particulars, to wit :
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23d An. Rpt., Bureau of Animal Industry, 1906. PLATE VIII.
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from which the animals are to be exported, and inspectors, assistants, and employees of
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nothing in the stalls or the stables occupied by the horses to account
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Done at Washington this thirtieth day of April, 1906.
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smsc or sMirll, iipc.i uliicli it nntiiiarily solely .IcpfiuN, has'ii dv-
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fr<mi the circulation, as long as they enter it no faster than the liver
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rendering tanks, which are in two parallel rows. Four of these tanks are used exclusively
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Winthrop-Stearns Inc., New York, extends a cordial invitation to visit their
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into acini of tufts of fibrous tissue. The fibrosis had spread through
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were considered unjust, for the general physical condition of the ani-
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substances the Missouri law regards as “dangerous
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animals Infected with disease, or any other person having knowledge or reason to suspect
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fibers than in cardiac fibers. This observation was confirmed and
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Incrusted with dirt to the depth of about 2 Inches. The sheep are hung Just off the
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V. Diabetes Insipidus, with a Report of Five Cases. By Thomas B. Futchbb,
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mit Tracheo-oesophagealer Fistel.** Correspondenz-Blatt fiir
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",' ^"f"' ''•^' ""• "^'■' i^ '"■'""-'•" "l"'Ht I,y its v-,M.,M int„ a ,,„lv.M^.
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the Standardbred is most important of all, perhaps, because it is
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general practitioners will eventually be anxious to
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variable absolute longevity of organs and tissues of an individual. As
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