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the sum of £700,000 towards meeting the outstanding liabilities
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of fourteen days, by the end of which time the wart will become so soft as
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27. Paralysis Agitans. — ^The effect of commotio cerebri cs
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due to " an exaltation of the natural functions of the
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are unaffected. The spleen is soft, but not enlai^ed. Hemorrhages are
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she has an involuntary passage of feces. The tenderness over the spine is
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September 18th, igth, and 20th. After the society had
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doctor had used for dissecting off a very thin entire
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The majority of tumours of the middle ear and the temporal
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Mercuric Cyanide, a preparation first suggested, we believe, in Sweden.
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cannot understand why papilloma, in two instances show-
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suggest that this Council, in framing the Medical Acts Amend-
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it first started. The gums were very red and spongy, and
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tines in colic with complete success, and has invented a special
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5. Vomiting, especially if it speedily becomes fecal.
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dissolve the colouring matter only, leaving the globule per-
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Famsworth, Mr. P. .T., gunshot wound through lungs, 43
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has appeared in an active form at .Vix-les-liains and at
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" At one o'clock we left, and returned at two. We had arranged that a stream
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Fourteenth. In this case also, as well as in several later
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Wednesday afternoon, May 28 — Call to order at 1 :30 o'clock.
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litis. The course is usually not so swift. For four or
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also on the extremities. Here and there could be seen bulliB,
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Abortion occurs very frequently. A. Weatherley reported at the
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jections to their more frequent adoption. | When this operation by the single incision
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This, I think, might give rise to some confusion in
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attack occurs before or during labor. If the patient is in